Top 10 activities to try with kids

There are lots of fun things for kids to do on a day out at the museum. Set their imaginations soaring!

1. Climb on board Concorde

A passenger plane that flies faster than the speed of sound may sound like science fiction, but this supersonic plane really flew – in the 1970s! Follow in the footsteps of old school celebrities as you board this iconic aircraft.

Above: Concorde in flight.

2. See a Red Arrows Hawk up close

RAF hotshots the Red Arrows are famous around the world for their daring flying displays. See a real Red Arrows Hawk – the only one in a UK museum – next to Scotland's Concorde.

3. Find out why things fly

How do aircraft stay in the sky? Explore the science of flight in our Fantastic Flight gallery. Feel the force as you try out over 25 hands-on activities in this family-friendly gallery.

Illustration of a hot air balloon interactive in the Fantastic Flight gallery

Above: Hot air balloon interactive in the Fantastic Flight gallery.

4. Meet an aviation heroine

In 1966, record-breaking aviator Sheila Scott flew solo round the world in her plane Myth Too. She used coffee to stay awake on night flights and had to endure many physical hardships. You can see Myth Too and find out more about this extraordinary woman in the Fantastic Flight gallery.

Illustation of aviator Sheila Scott with her plane Myth Too

Above: Aviator Sheila Scott flew around the world in her plane Myth Too.

5. Fly an airship

Get behind the controls of the R34 airship in our Fantastic Flight gallery. Can you land it safely at East Fortune Airfield? It's harder than it looks!

Mother and daughter piloting an airship simulator

Above: Can you land an airship safely at East Fortune Airfield?

6. Learn about the First and Second World Wars

Did you know that East Fortune Airfield, home of the National Museum of Flight, is the UK's best-preserved Second World War airfield? Amaze your teachers and friends with everything you learn about the First and Second World Wars in the Fortunes of War gallery, which tells the story of East Fortune at war. 

Illustration of pilots in East Fortune Airfield

Above: East Fortune Airfield was .

7. Get a bird's eye view of our military aircraft

Climb up to the viewing platform in Hangar 2 to see our military aircraft up close. Planes you'll see include a Spitfire, Komet and Jaguar. This is also a great place to watch the dramatic film show that brings them to life.

Illustration of the Military Aviation Hangar

Above: Get a bird's eye view of our military aircraft from the viewing platform.

8. Meet a Green Goddess

Think all fire engines are red? Think again! Bedford fire engines were used by the Auxilliary Fire Service after the Second World War. These fire engines were green, and were known as ‘Green Goddesses’. Our Green Goddess was based at East Fortune when it was a working airfield.

Illustration of a Green Goddess fire engine

Above: Not all fire engines are green!

9. Be the best on our assault course

Whizz down the zipline and tackle army-style climbing frames in our outdoor adventure playground.

Boy tackling the assault course

Above: Can you tackle the assault course?

10. Jump aboard the Airfield Explorer

All aboard out land train for a ride around the site! Stop off at the hangars or take a tour before exploring more on foot. (Please note the Airfield Explorer is currently out of service. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.)

Illustration of the Airfield Explorer

Above: All aboard the Airfield Explorer!

Illustrations by Dawson Creative.


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