Museum Stories trails

Museum Stories is a set of downloadable trails to follow while visiting the National Museum of Flight.

What are the must-see highlights of the museum? What was East Fortune Airfield like during the war? What's the best way to get around the Museum if you're in a wheelchair or have a visual impairment? Find out by downloading our Museum Stories trails.

Museum Stories was produced by members of the local East Lothian community, who selected their highlights and shared personal stories of the National Museum of Flight, East Fortune Airfield.

Local community groups were invited to attend the museum and given a tour by staff.  The staff then facilitated them in discovering more about the objects and areas of museum site that particularly interested them.   

The end result is a set of colourful tours which provide different types of visitors to the National Museum of Flight with practical information suited to their interests and requirements.

Above: Myth Too was Sheila Scott's plane that she flew solo around the world in 1966. Sheila's Piper Comanche 260B G-ATOY. Myth Too can be found in Fantastic Flight.

ConcordeAircraft highlights

Members of the local community select their highlights and share personal stories of the site.

>> Download aircraft highlights trail

Illustration of father and son flying a flight simulatorDads make a difference

This trail has been produced by local visitors, including members of the community project ‘Dads Work’.

>> Download Dads make a difference trail

Illustration of a pilotFamilies trail

These highlights for families have been selected by local visitors.

>> Download families trail

Dancer in front of ConcordeFashion and fabrics

This trail was inspired by the collections at the museum. What will inspire you today?

>> Download fashion and fabrics trail

Illustration of a female pilotFemales in Flight

Meet some of the remarkable women whose stories are told in the museum.

>> Download females in flight trail

Illustration of a man in a wheelchairGetting around

Members of the community who use wheelchairs or have a physical impairment share their highlights.

>> Download getting around trail

Illustration of two pilots in front of an aircraftSite stories

Explore the history of East Fortune Airfield as you explore the site.

>> Download site stories trail

Illustration of a woman with a guide dogVisual impairment

Local visitors with visual impairments share their stories and highlights.

>> Download visual impairment trail

National Lottery Heritage Fund

Illustrations by Dawson Creative.


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